29th: The Vibrancy of Urban 'South Asia'' jamesroriston.wordpress.com

23rd: Khashoggi's Death and the Surrounding Media Landscape jamesroriston.wordpress.com

8th: 'The Complexities of Reporting Syria and Yemen' jamesroriston.wordpress.com


24th: 'India's New Healthcare Insurance jamesroriston.wordpress.com

14th: 'India, Judgement and Section 377 on India's re-legalisation of same sex relationships jamesroriston.wordpress.com

3rd: '5 Tips for Teaching in an International School': Times Education Supplement: www.tes.com


26th: 'Those on the margins' OpEd column: see blog tab.

26th: Conversion of blogging to jamesroriston.com

25th: Features and OpEd pieces on WordPress website have ended.  Articles will still appear as archived at jamesroriston.wordpress.com